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I first met Therese in 1971/1972 when she married Kenneth (Winky) Scott. She was an attractive, charming, urbane, serious woman, who was dedicated to her work as a Magistrate in the Ghana Judicial Service. I was a frequent visitor to the Scott house for both work and social reasons and got to know Therese well.


I left Ghana in 1974 to work in London, but continued to visit Ghana maintaining my friendship with Therese and Winky, and staying in their Guest Chalet. Therese and Winky would come to London from time to time, and occasionally would stay with my wife and I.


When Winky died, I continued to meet up with Therese when she visited London, and watched with admiration as her career took her to the apex of the judicial service, as a High Court Judge in Zimbabwe. She was then appointed Ghana’s Ambassador to France and subsequently, Italy.


Our friendship continued, as she visited London frequently during this period. We maintained our friendship when she retired and my son, Nii-Adu and his family, would call on her when visiting his mother in Accra (see attached photo of Therese with my two grandchildren).


Therese was very particular about her health, and did everything a person could do to maintain good health. The suddenness of her death comes as a great shock, and I mourn her deeply, doubly so, as I doubt I will see her like again.


My deepest condolences go out to Geta and her family in this time of their grief.

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