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Tribute to Mrs. Therese Striggner-Scott



Sisi Therese was my big cousin. She was already a circuit court judge when I was called to the Ghana Bar. She was smart and very elegant, and I wanted to emulate her so much. She always showed an interest in what I was doing, professionally and personally, and offered counsel when I needed it.


Her love and generosity extended to my three daughters as well. My oldest daughter Mia, spent part of her summer holidays with her, both in Paris and Rome, when she was ambassador to France and to Italy. She was very fond of them all as they were of her.


I shall miss her wise counsel, and I shall miss visiting her whenever I am in Ghana. Christmas will never be the same without receiving one of her iconic Christmas cards. (Those on her Christmas card list will know what I mean).


Her departure has left yet another void in the family. We have lost a true and caring family member and friend. Ghana has lost one of its best citizens, who served her with honor and panache.


Rest well Sisi. Rest in Peace.


Lizzie Mends and Family

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