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Tribute to Madam Theresa S Scott



Like a fleeting shadow you were whisked and cross-carpeted into eternity unexpectedly.


What torture!

What torment!

A moment of despair and anguish that frightened and fragmented numerous hearts.

But best known to our Maker, your life had become meaningless when the hour had come with fruitful conclusion.


God loves you more.


You were such a vital individual to your home, the society, the country and beyond.


The good Lord shall surely reward you.


Your silent smile and soft spoken voice brought solution to many.


May your spirit bring comfort and cuddle to all bruising hearts.


Mummy, Grantie, Madame Scott.


May your gentle and peace loving Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.



CH 305. Stanza 1-5


I know Angels in heaven await her with hymns of praise.

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