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Tribute to Grantie



Grantie or Aunty T as I fondly called her, was a wonderful lady and indeed very proper in every sense of the word.


We got most acquainted during my many visits to Grandma Ruth Botsio. I remember our endless conversations about politics, geography, the heydays of Ghana’s Independence, and her many travels. She was always interested in my career, and had positive words of encouragement each time we met.


Grantie was also very supportive of Zoe and I at family gatherings. I especially fondly remember how happy she was at the naming of each of our children. She would send them lovely Christmas and birthday presents as well. We are grateful that we got to spend the last Christmas with her at the family Christmas lunch at our home; who knew it would be our last with her.


Apart from our personal family relationship, we also worked closely together with Felix Addo at the formation of the Ghana Association of Restructuring and Insolvency Advisors (GARIA). Despite retiring many years ago, she was always active and involved at events, and her contributions were most valued.


Thank you Grantie for being you, and for all your love and care. The Takyi-Appiah family say Damarifa Due. So long until we meet again dearest Grantie.


Love, Andrew

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