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Tribute to Aunty Theresa



I just received word of Mrs. Scott's passing, from our mutual friend Professor Senam Okudzeto, and was immediately transported back to 2005, when I was beginning my seven-year tenure as Global Professor, at the then recently established NYU in Ghana program.


I had the great fortune of not only meeting Mrs. Scott, but residing at the chalet annex of her famed residence: The Scott House.


I was deeply honored and moved by the impeccable grace, wisdom and style of Mrs. Scott and for the guidance she gave me. I can venture to say that my time in Ghana would have been radically different, if it was not for the safety of being anointed by Auntie Therese. Being thousands of miles away, across the Atlantic from my family, Auntie Therese provided a space to not only land well, but an unsurpassed matriarchal warmth, intelligence and sophistication.


There are very few people in Accra I would see Uncle Nat Amarteifio defer to, in the way he listened and sought advice from the Grand Dame of Ghana society. I am eternally grateful to have known Mrs. Scott, and I join the family and countless others who mourn her passing, yet celebrate her great life and eternal spirit.




Professor Lyle Ashton Harris

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