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Tribute to Aunty “T’



My first meeting with Aunty ‘T’ was in London in the early 1980s when Geta Striggner Dadzie (Mrs. Striggner-Quartey), my beloved sister and schoolmate at Warwick University’s School of Law, invited me to meet her mother. We had met Aunty Ruth Botsio and her husband Uncle ‘B’, much earlier because they visited us often on campus in Coventry, United Kingdom. How I gushed at our first meeting because she struck me as a very beautiful and sophisticated woman with poise!


Aunty ‘T’ took to Gina Appah Sampong (Mrs. Wilson) and I, instantly. It may well be that it was because we were with her much loved Geta at school and that we were law students as well – a common profession. In return, I invited Aunty ‘T’ to meet my parents at their flat in London in the Summer of 1982, when they came on holidays from Sierra Leone, and they became friends. She and my father, who was also a lawyer, chatted for a long time about mutual friends from Ghana.


Aunty ‘T’ enjoyed hosting us at her flat in London or at her residence when she was Ghana’s Ambassador to France and UNESCO. We basked in the round-the-clock attention she gave us, with lovely lunches and dinners and touristic outings in Paris. We savoured her recipes which always had a touch of class and till today, we refer to them as Aunty ‘T’s specialities.


As we grew older, she continued to embrace us even more. I cherish the special moments with her during my one-on-one conversations with her at her flat at Villaggio, whenever I visited Accra. She was always ready to proffer advice on whatever topic I put to her. She tracked every instance of my professional career and was truly proud of my accomplishments. Three things I learnt from Aunty ‘T’ were style, haute couture and decorum.


So long Aunty ‘T’ until we meet again. Thank you for your motherly love and guidance. Most of all, thank you for your friendship over the years.


I promise to always be a sister to Geta, which is what you have always wanted. ‘Requiescat in pace’.


With love from Finda.

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