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We mourn the loss of Auntie Theresa, who was a loyal and generous friend to our family. As a soul mate of Auntie Rose Taylor, Auntie often featured in our lives when we visited Ghana, and we enjoyed visiting her when she graciously invited us to her delightful apartment in Villagio.


One of our more recent memories was when she joined us to celebrate Auntie Rose’s 90th birthday in March 2018. She invited us all to her apartment where we enjoyed drinks and conversation before moving on to a memorable dinner in Santoku. It was a special moment, gathering together some of our very favourite Ghanaians, including Uncle Tommy and Auntie Akosua Mensah.


We remember visiting Auntie many years ago when she was Ambassador in Paris, and we have always kept in touch with her, visiting her on occasions when she was over in London to see her family.


We fondly remember Auntie Theresa and Auntie Rose spending a night at our house in Chiswick after a family celebration. In the morning when we went to bring them a cup of tea there they were in the double bed gossiping and reminiscing away. We had a chuckle.


She had a natural distinction which accompanied her through her long life and distinguished career. She was intelligent, kind, elegant, thoughtful, measured and always gave us good counsel if we ever had a problem. She was a great listener. She always seemed serene, quite a contrast to the more excitable Auntie Rose.


We are all deeply saddened at her untimely passing, but we are grateful that we had the privilege of knowing her.


We send our most sincere condolences to Auntie’s family.


From the Winter family: Auntie Georgina, Adwoa and Peter, Tiffany and Oli, Matthew and Helen, and all the grandchildren.

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