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Tribute to Ambassador Therese Striggner Scott



“A thing of beauty—and I hasten to add—a person of beauty—is a joy forever.”

—ENDYMION by John Keats 1818


And so will we remember Auntie T, as I affectionately called her—a great lady of beauty in every aspect of her life. An icon of refinement and great style, she was also very down to earth and empathetic.


Travel kept us physically apart, and more recently, so did Covid -19, but we were constantly in touch. Whenever we met, it was with a deep and mutual sense of camaraderie and sincere affection. Auntie T was full of joie de vivre, and continually inspired me.


It goes without saying that Auntie T was a lady of many parts—an academic of international stature, an astute legal professional, a diplomat extraordinaire, and a loving and gracious mother to Geta and many others.


On the occasions that we did meet in person for a chat, often with a meal outside or at home, from Scott House to Villaggio, it was always a charming haute cuisine affair, with exotic delicacies and inspiring discourse. I never parted from Auntie T without feeling refreshed, invigorated, and a little more knowledgeable.


I had sent Auntie T a WhatsApp message on 5th September and was waiting for her response, a cue for a phone conversation, when I received news of her death. Weeks on and I am still numb with shock.


Auntie T lived a life of excellence, guided by the tenets of the Charge we received as Akoras of Achimota School:


Go forth into the world in peace. Be of good courage. Hold fast that which is good.

Render to no man evil for evil. Strengthen the faint hearted. Support the weak.

Help the afflicted. Honour all men. Show love to everyone.

Love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.


A life well lived. A crown of glory awaits you.


Adieu, my friend, and may the earth rest lightly on you till we meet again.

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