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Thank you Aunty T...



How I have struggled to write this tribute! To put into mere words the way in which, by a single act of spontaneous kindness, Auntie T completely changed my life in more ways than she could ever have known. A fortunate stroke of serendipity brought me into her life - and that of Geta, Winky, Aunty Ruth, Uncle B, Merene and so many others - in September 1973. But that is a story for another day!


When I think of Auntie T, so many things come to mind. Her beauty, her smile, her wit and humour; her beautifully modulated voice; her poise, elegance and her impeccable sense of style. But more than her physical attributes, which were considerable, I admired her for so much more. Her sense of fairness and kindness; her palpable love of family; her generosity; her encyclopaedic knowledge of a vast range of subjects, outside her own field of law; but most of all her genuine capacity to love and welcome others outside her own immediate family.


Auntie T - This year I didn’t get my usual birthday call with that unmistakable familiar voice at the other end.


I won’t get to hear that wonderful throaty laugh of yours again.


Won’t get to pass you your handbag or your phone at Geta’s, or help you get out of your favourite chair at Ringway.


Won't get to walk you to your car.


Won't hear you say “Sara, have another jam tart…” as you regale us with stories from your travels around the world and explain the history behind each of your exquisite objets d’art beautifully displayed at Villagio.


So many wonderful memories. So much unspoken gratitude. Our time was cut brutally short.


Rest in peace Auntie T


Sara xx

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