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Requiescat in pacem...



One of the first people I established a friendship with when I came to Ghana was Therese Striggner Scott. She often advised me about life in Ghana and some of the challenges I might encounter as a newcomer. This advice I value to this day.


What I admired about Therese was that she was pragmatic, strong and outspoken, yet she was very thoughtful, caring, soft and feminine, and always elegantly dressed. It was always pleasant being with her because she had a great sense of humour, oftentimes telling anecdotes about Accra social life.


As the Administrative Director of Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation I had occasion to be the recipient of Therese's generosity because she purchased tickets to our fundraising concerts and encouraged others to also support us in various ways.


She taught me the importance of strengthening relationships with people who tirelessly support us, such as hosting a dinner to express our very deep appreciation to the Italian Embassy for bringing the entire company of the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra, with world famous conductor Daniel Barenboim, as part of the Ghana @ 50 celebrations.


This kind gesture led to a long and enduring friendship between us and the Italian ambassador's wife, Mrs Anna Maria De' Agostini, who also happens to be a member of Infanta.


Therese also took an interest in guiding my daughter, Senam, with some of the architectural projects she brought to Ghana. She was a true friend to me over the years.


Therese, we will miss you.


Rest in peace.


Requiescat in pacem.

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