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What sad sad news you bring, Geta. Sad, but also so inevitable: because even the best people will die.


I saw Therese for the first time in early 1970, at a fashion show, according to what I wrote in the album along these pictures that I attach.


I admired her enormously at first sight as the sort of person I wanted to emulate. She was not only beautiful, but also so intimidatingly self-assured, elegant and all those elusive elements that make up class. The sort of class that one can only be born with.


Later when I had occasion to know her better, I also admired her brilliant intelligence and cherished her warm friendship that lasted over the years in spite of distance.


In the picture there is the Australian Charge d’Affaires (according to my notes), and I recognize Dr. Noci and his wife. Although the others look familiar, I cannot recall who they are.


Michael joins me in expressing our deepest sincere condolences.


Therese’s memory will live on for a very long time.



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