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Remembering Granty : A Tribute



My earliest memory of Granty is of her, at her residence on the Switchback Road. The children living with Grandma Ruth at the time would get all excited and animated whenever there was mention of us going to Granty’s house. We would debate who was going to be first on the swings, merry-go-round, or play with this or that toy? On one such occasion, when we were at Granty’s house, we played hard and got so sweaty and dirty that Granty ordered us to take our baths before supper. As we did not have a change of clothing, we ended up being kitted up in some of Aunty Geta’s clothes!


Some years later, we lived with Grandma Ruth at Osu RE, and Granty would come around often. Anytime she arrived, we would run to meet her. She would ask what was going on with us. After replying, she would ask further questions to gain clarity on the matter; and if there were any issues or challenges, she would discuss and talk it over with Grandma Ruth and then advise on the best course of action.


Years later, when most of us got to boarding or secondary school, Granty would bring provisions to Grandma Ruth’s house to be shared amongst us. Grandma Ruth would add to this and share it amongst us. At Christmas time, Granty would bring us nicely wrapped presents.


Granty was a phenomenal hostess, and threw some of the most fabulous parties and dinners that I have had the privilege to witness ; serving the most exquisite and delectable dishes with the assistance of her cooks (Yamura and James). Anytime she was having one of these parties or dinner, and if I were home at Grandma Ruth’s house from school on holidays, she would send for me to be brought over to Scott House to help out, which I enjoyed immensely and looked forward to.


I would see her at her residence in Golders Green whenever she was in London. The last time I saw Granty was when I was leaving for America. That evening, she came over to Grandma Ruth’s house as she usually did, and after advising me on some issues, Grandma Ruth prayed for me. We spoke over the phone occasionally after I got to America. However, that was the last time I saw Granty in person.


Granty, we are gutted by your passing, and we miss you dearly.


We thank the Lord for your life. Though you are no longer with us in the flesh, we know you are with us in spirit. You will always be in our hearts and minds. Rest well!


May the Lord grant you peaceful rest in His bosom until we meet again.



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