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Ode to Auntie T



She walked into a room, oozing grace, charm, and flair,

But with all that nary an air.

Stylish, elegant, smart, and accomplished,

Ambassador, Judge, and lady extraordinaire.


Turning heads wherever she went,

Be it for dress or setting precedent,

Believe you me, her presence was felt.


Role model, pioneer, she certainly left her mark,

as there were many firsts she had to embark.

She was “impressively lovely”, I heard one say,

so wonderfully apt, it made my day.


Her relationships ranged from young to old,

transforming lives if truth be told.

She effected change wherever she went,

In many places she was heaven sent.


Auntie T you set the bar high,

Setting rules to abide by,

I aim to emulate, as you were the ultimate,

epitome of a sophisticated lady.


I will miss you!


Afi Tetteh Lowery

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