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Oh dear, very sad news indeed for me personally. My love for Mrs Theresa Striggner Scott, the only person who used to bring me ‘home made’ in Lugard House in those days, knew no bounds. Yeah, a young lad never forgets a woman who fed him in his youth! She would, after visiting Geta on the Western Compound (often with her husband Kenneth Scott), come over to Lugard to deliver my package and ask how I was doing.


For the lovers of tooli, I offer a snippet of a context…


Kenneth Scott, a well known British architect was my brother’s boss. He employed him after he ( my brother) graduated with flying colours from the then UST, Kumasi in the late ‘60s. That’s how I got to live in Mampong, Ashanti, in the early 70s (mentioned briefly recently on JSS) as my brother supervised the construction of the Mampong General Hospital at that time. They (boss and employee) later formed a Nigeria based partnership called Nwankwo Scott Associates which became one of the foremost architectural practices in Nigeria from the mid 1970s through the 1990s.


My brother having moved back to Nigeria with his wife (the most elegant Ashanti lady you ever saw) to run this practice, Mrs. Scott knew I had no immediate family in Ghana, and so always remembered the little boy in Lugard House, who would be in need of a ‘ home touch’ every now and then. There can be no greater testimony to the kindness and humanity that filled the woman’s heart.


The last time I saw her was in January 2017 when I visited her at Villagio in the company of our very own AMG. I’ll cherish forever the pictures we took that day.


My heart bleeds …

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