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Love and miss you, Auntie Therese

Spencer Arkutu

Spencer Arkutu

I spent so many wonderful days at Auntie Theresa’s house during our days in Zimbabwe.   Two to three times a week, my parents would drop us off at her house to spend the afternoon with Ruth, Catherine and the Nkrumahs. 

Auntie Theresa taught us a different type of parenting - her poise and elegance simply meant that there was a certain expectation of behavior - which we all complied with - you were expected to behave well and did not have to be told - I don’t recall us kids ever having to be reprimanded by Aunt Theresa. I also believe my parents were on their best behavior around Aunt Theresa. 

When I became an adult, Auntie Theresa also served as one of those Aunts that you knew you would have to account to for your conduct - whenever I reached a fork in the road, I would always ask myself ‘what would Aunt Theresa expect me to do’ and the answer would be clear. Always remembering the watchful eyes above the spectacles. 

There was a certain love in her eyes and smile that always assured me that everything was going to be ok - I should march forward boldly. 

I love you and miss you, Aunt Therese. 

Spencer Arkutu

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