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In Loving Memory of a Quintessential Icon...



The world stood still the day you departed this edifice. As I penned this tribute, I reminisced on the words of William Shakespeare in his anecdotal prose, ‘As you like it’. He surmised this: "All the world is a stage and all men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his life plays many parts." Such was how I saw the life of Ambassador Therese Striggner Scott.


She played her many roles as a mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, and a responsible member of her extended family. A great friend, mentor, diplomat and UN Peacekeeper. Negotiator, High Court Judge and an accomplished Stateswoman, she executed all these roles with excellence and pride. She most assuredly played all these parts with dignity and elegance, bringing out the best in those whose lives she touched.


I first encountered Ambassador Theresa (aka Aunt Theresa) at age 7, at my Godmother Mrs. Ruth Botsio’s house, and she immediately warmed up to me. That was the beginning of our beautiful and endearing relationship, spanning decades across the globe, until the time of her unexpected demise.


Her warmth and beautiful smile could brighten your day, and she was so loving and caring without a mean bone in her body. Her gentle, quiet and blissful demeanour, coupled with her elegance, exuded calmness and tranquillity. Her mere presence exuded a calming effect and her words of wisdom were reassuring and soothing.


We have indeed lost an icon, an enigma, a class act and an embodiment of sheer elegance and beauty. She was in essence, a woman of great substance.

Aunt Theresa, your passing has left an indelible mark, in the hearts of those who you loved and cared for, as well as those who loved and admired you. Growing up, you were my role model, and I looked up to you in so many ways. As a child, you welcomed me to your home with Uncle Winky, your beloved husband and you always made me feel special.


I am grateful that I was able to express it to you over and over again. I am eternally grateful for crossing paths with you. A symbol of elegance and grand regalia, you certainly left the world a better place than you found it.


Goodnight Aunt Theresa and may your gentle soul rest peacefully with your maker.


Adieu my beloved aunt, a real gem and a kind hearted soul.

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