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I will not say "Adieu" my Auntie T

Winky Scott Arthur

Winky Scott Arthur


On September 5th 2021, Auntie T took her last breath. When the news came to me, my world stood still. My heart left my body to the point where I could not catch my breath. I wept for hours, but no one heard me. I called out for Auntie T, but she did not answer! I cried out to God until I had no more strength in me to cry. I wallowed in pity, in my own tears. I suddenly felt numb.

Morning came; it became a reality that she was truly no more! Looking at her photos gave me mixed feelings; her smile made me smile, but tears were not far from my eyes. And then, it hit me; I would not see Auntie T for a while.

It is always important to give thanks in all things. I am certain of this, therefore, thankful that:

- She was loved and surrounded by her family and friends.

- She was full of life and laughter.

- She was an epitome of beauty, inside out. Her smile could even make the sun jealous.

- Her sense of humor was refreshing.

- Her elegance and kindness echoed.

- She ran her race with integrity, grace, kindness, humility and love.

- And finally, God was gracious to have been with her until the end.

As a child I remember visiting Auntie T in Rome, Italy (1993 & 1995), and also going on a family holiday to Dubai with Auntie T, Auntie Ruth and the rest of the family in 2008, and our numerous UK trips.

We shared many memories. I am thankful for the grace to have loved her, and been loved by her.

As I got older, Auntie T stayed involved in my life. She was there at my university graduation, was at my wedding and was one of the first people to visit when my son was born. I knew I could always count on her.

Life is indeed a journey, therefore, we experience pain and joy. It is meant to be that way. However, in this journey, no matter our experiences, accomplishments,and expectations, the one thing we will take with us when death comes knocking, is our relationship with our Maker; our Father in Heaven.

Auntie T did not surrender to death, but to life after death. Let's cry no more. Auntie T is not gone, she simply returned to the One who gave her life.

I will not say " Adieu my Auntie T. I'll say, see you."

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