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Hélas, c’était ainsi…



‘Thus we will always be with the Lord’. 1 Thessalonians. 4


Barely a couple of weeks to Auntie Therese’s demise, I met and had a hearty chat with her in a supermarket. Thereafter, I confidently went round telling everyone around me about how well and fit Auntie Therese looked when we met. So you can imagine the shock I had when the bad news about her demise hit me. How!? Hélas, c’était ainsi…


Auntie Therese was a very warm hearted beautiful Grande Dame with exceptional exquisite cultured character. The times we spent together in Paris, France, for almost a decade, were some of my best awesome lifetime memories. We will dearly miss her.


May the beautiful soul of Auntie Therese Rest in Perfect Peace.


With Much Love,


Elizabeth (Baaba K.)

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