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Ted Agble and the 1946-49 Year group

Ted Agble and the 1946-49 Year group

Although Yolande had been told of Theresa's passing the day after it happened, she did not tell me until a week ago . She was delaying the grief she knew it would cause me because when I last saw Theresa at Villagio, before we relocated to Kent in England, she seemed quite well. Having said that, this has hit me like a bullet, and I am writing this tribute with a trembling hand; notwithstanding I am slowly recovering.


I first met Theresa in 1946 when I entered Achimota College from Hohoe Ewe Presbyterian School; she was in a group of girls who joined the College from Achimota Primary School. Theresa was of striking beauty. The year 1946 was an important year in the history of Achimota, as is well chronicled in the book by Professor Felix Agbodeka, entitled 'Achimota in the National Setting'. The Training College section was being discontinued and the Secondary School was expanded from two to four streams.


The 1946-1949 year group would emerge as one of the most outstanding; the products attained distinction in academia, medicine, law, engineering and other fields. The year group included several girls, some of whom were Aurore Lokko, Vesta Tettey, Leonie Buckle and Betty Van Lare. Theresa's life is fully covered in the obituary section. After Achimota, she proceeded to England to study law and returned home to Ghana. She served her country well as a lawyer and diplomat, ending her career as Ambassador to France and Italy. Our year group is justifiably very proud of her and her achievements.


When Yolande and I returned to Accra from the diaspora, because of our interest in and love for opera, we started an opera group where we would show good productions from the Met or ROH onto a wall in our garden or indoors if the weather was inclement, and Theresa was one of its early and faithful members. This continued when we relocated abroad and spent around three months annually in Villagio, where Theresa also retired to and lived for a number of years. This was where she lived when we last saw her in Accra. She missed our last and likely farewell opera evening in June because she felt slightly indisposed. Our little group all mourn her sudden passing.


Theresa was the convener of our year group meetings and activities, and after Willie Parker's passing, she became its President and a very active one she was. She arranged visits to homebound classmates and knew how everyone was; she kept in touch. Her passing has left a huge vacuum. She has now gone to meet our other classmates who have passed on, including - Amishadai Adu, William Anoff, Willie Parker, Vesta Tettey, Betty Van Lare, Safo Adu, Sally Turner, Edward Appiah, Adjuah Walter Holtz, George Swaniker, Adumuah Bossman, Gyedu Safo, and most recently, Peter Mensah.


Theresa was extremely generous to Yolande and I whenever we visited Ghana, taking us to Accra's top places to enjoy fine dining. When we moved to Villagio it was great having her as a neighbour. My personal pet name for her was 'Dodotsi' (an Achimota delicacy). Yolande and I, as well as the remaining class mates will miss her dearly.


We her classmates of the 1946-49 year group hereby eulogize her as;


T rustworthy

H onest

E mpathetic

R eliable

E ver ready to assist in any way

S erene personality

E legant


We are in no doubt that you are resting in perfect peace, dear sister.


Fare thee well,

Ted Agble and the 1946-49 Year group

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