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I first met Auntie T when I was in primary school (Christ the King) with Geta. My mother had travelled to London to visit her then sick mother and Auntie T spoke to my father about looking after me in her absence. That sparked off my life-long relationship with Auntie T. Throughout my stay at Scott House, Auntie T showed me nothing but kindness.


I have memories of staying in Koforidua, where she worked for a short spell as a Judge, weekend visits to Ada, and after school visits to Auntie Ruth’s house in Osu. Auntie T had this innate ability to make everyone feel so special, and would always take a keen interest in my plans for the future.


In my adult life, she never forgot my birthday and, right up to last year, I always knew the Whatsapp message would come. I looked forward each year to visiting her in her flat, and catching up on all the latest news. My last visit to her was in 2019 and little did I know that this would be the last time.


Auntie T, thank you for being such a caring and loving person that showed so much love for all.


You will forever remain and share a big part of my heart.

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