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A Journey of Inspiration ...



You inspired many on this journey of life, Mrs. Scott, you will be remembered as a dignified lady who spoke calmly and honestly on all matters.


It was just an absolute honor to work with you on the Villagio Board. You always brought to our attention the current affairs at the premises with detail. Your solutions to the problems were always very apt.


As God has called you to Him, we pray that your soul rests in Everlasting Peace. You will always be remembered as one of His Angels who came to this Earth to harm none but inspire others.


I am reminded of the poem below :


“God was calling you home. He needed

another angel to help pour out the rain.

Tears have fallen, hearts where shattered,

but it was time for you to fly home.

Your loved ones came to say their last goodbyes,

to tell you they loved you, and that you will be forever missed.

As your heartbeat stopped, and your eyes slowly closed,

God took another angel home”


Preeti Mirpuri Budhrani

Board – Villagio Primavera Condominium Association

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